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08/14/2007 Entry: "RAGBRAI!"

Folks, RAGBRAI has come and gone. AND, it was awesome. I will do a quick summary of RAGBRAI here for you folks and then Ariel will write about the days that have passed since. It will be so awesometastic that you'll hardly be able to believe that you can still read after our words of excitedness riquochet your brain to smitherines!

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RAGBRAI was awesome. We met up with many old Roadshow folks and met a few new ones. I'm not going to do a day by day because so much happened, but I will mention a few things.

The performances went well. A little light at first since none of us had juggled together in awhile and since we got into town late, but they picked up later in the week. The highlight was two shows we did on the last night with Isaac, Paul, Mike, Mark, Bok Choy, Myself, and new performers Tristian and Tim. Tristian played the drum during the shows and Tim did crazy feets of acrobatics.

Many new people learned to juggle, old Roadshowers and new folks alike. After our shows and at camp the air was filled with crazy fun props. It was a party every night fuelled by juggling, fire, cheap beer, and dumpster dived food.

CT and Joe, both new to Team Roadshow, did the ride on unicycles this year and becames members of a very small sub-group of TRS' craziest and most impressive.

We also met Kaia and Anders who biked to RAGBRAI from Washington and have joined us since. They are riding with us at least to Chicago and may go all the way to Boston with us. They are very fun people and fit in well with the team. Tim, who's house I'm typing this from, also rode with us to his place in Aurora and we'll be taking a day off here to hang with him and see friends in Chicago.

Somehow the bus survived another year, thanks in part to Kai keeping it in decent shape while it sat in Iowa over the winter.

Pictures will be up soon in the RAGBRAI section of the photo gallery and post RAGBRAI pictures will resume in the x-country section of the gallery. Thanks to Paul's family and my family for hosting us, and to the Wagners for the free ice cream. Also thanks to everyone we met along the way and a special thanks to all the new folks who joined the team this year. You all are greatburgers covered in awesomesauce with a side of neatofries. Wash that down with a yumsoda and you have not only a great team but an analogy taken WAY to far.


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Hello to all and just wanted to say that I really had a great time at Ragbrai 07and look forward to next year.C.T and I are putting together a
10 min movie of the week and hope to get it to you guys sometime soon.

Posted by Dennis @ 08/03/2007 07:28 PM CST




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