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08/13/2007 Entry: "Seager update V2 and RAGBRAI"

Folks, as they have already mentioned, I will be able to rejoin the ride. I was able to talk my landlord into extending my deadline so I will have time to continue riding past RAGBRAI. All in all this little fiasco only caused me to miss a couple hundred miles and about 1/3 of South Dakota. It sucks, but it could have been worse. I left Friday and the girls got to Iowa on Tuesday, so I only lost five days of riding. In touring time that's like missing a month, but it still could have been much worse.

I look forward to RAGBRAI and seeing them again, and am glad that I wasn't robbed out of my experience with them. I can always find time to bike again, but what upset me the most was losing the group I was riding with. Now I can finish this ride to it's natural end.

I mean, without me around how will they get their daily dose of bad puns and noxious gas?

I leave tomorrow morning for a long drive. Wish us luck, we seem to need it.


For those of you unfamiliar with RAGBRAI:

RAGBRAI is an annual x-iowa bike ride that 10-15k riders enjoy. It takes about a week and is one huge rolling party. (RAGBRAI website) Team RoadShow is primarily a RAGBRAI team who's members sometimes do other things like bike x-country or unicycle down mountains. Do a RAGBRAI with Team RoadShow and you become family.

Team RoadShow is one of many RAGBRAI Teams. It was founded in 2003 during a x-country self supported juggling/bike ride. 2004 was it's first official year as a RAGBRAI team and started making a name for itself. The team is home to the performance arts and extraordinary skills. It exists to encourage self-expression and art. Some members do juggling shows in the overnight towns to help pay for gas. The shows have expanded in recent years to involved fire dance and sometimes music. TRS also is the only known support team for people attempting (and finishing) RAGBRAI on unicycles.

See the RAGBRAI section of the photos page for a visual record of the last 4 years of TRS. Some/Many of our cross-country pictures from this trip may be posted in the RAGBRAI section of this site as we unload and sink back into our wonderful Iowa riding roots.

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Will there be a pyramidal juggling video after you have honed your skills accross Iowa???

Posted by Auntie Anne @ 07/27/2007 05:34 PM CST




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