Upcoming Events

If you would like to suggest an event please contact Seager or post a message on the message board. Possible cross-state rides can be found here and Iowa day rides can be found here. Other rides exist that may not listed on those sites.

Anyone is welcome to join and ride with Team RoadShow. E-mail us for more information.

Calendar of upcoming events

July 25 - 31, 2004 - RAGBRAI
Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. Find out more at their website here. There will be support vehicles provided by Team RoadShow for this ride. Fees will be decided by the members at the ride itself, and most likely will be for covering gas and vehicle registration fees. Performing funds will be distributed by performers with a possible cut being taken out for official Team RoadShow funding (also probably just gas). T-shirts will be available for purchase for this ride at cost. This is not currently planned as a charity ride, but the official decision will be made by the performers at the time of the ride. We need registered participants to ensure we get a vehicle pass. If you wish to register go here. Register as part of a group. We are group number 1808. If you don't want to / cannot register that is ok with us. RAGBRAI might beat you up though. The more people who register the better for the team and our chances for recieving support vehicle passes. The deadline for registering is April 1st. You MUST register sooner than this, however, since you send your money and disclaimers to Seager, and he needs time to send them in by that deadline. The Team RoadShow deadline for your registration is tentatively scheduled for March 20th. If you have not registered by then you might not be able to register with us. (You still could ride with us, but your registration won't help us out.) Contact Seager if you are planning on going on this ride or if you want to be e-mailed news about this ride.

As always, watch the main page for news updates about all the rides.