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08/09/2007 Entry: "more storms!!"

The reason I stopped abruptly: there was a tornado warning in Hartville, where we ended for tonight. The sky was completely dark; the clouds looked like there was impending doom; and the rain came down so hard we couldn't see more than a foot out the window.

Anyways, back to West Salem. Seager stayed up for quite a while watching the lightning show. In the morning, we headed on any East road we could find. We ended up in Creston, OH. We were able to find a better map there...good thing, because there was no good way to get around the big cities in Ohio with our old map.

Once we were back on the road, Ohio stopped being flat. The hills were like walls towering in front of us. We thought the steep grades would die down a little, but that didn't happen. In fact, the traffic started getting heavier, as we were approaching the area around big cities Akron and Canton. By Doyersville, Karen decided the hills weren't for her, and split from the rest of us. She preferred more traffic and less hills, while the others preferred the hills and less traffic. It started storming after Karen left. The rain was pleasant for awhile (yay no humidity), but luckily, when the storm really hit us, we encountered a fresh fudge shop in a town called Canal Fulton.

We continued to North Canton. Still lots of hills, and more cars than usual. We made a stop at the bike shop before making our way to Hartville, our end town. As we pulled into the public library, a man in his vehicle notified us of the tornado watch. Soon after, the librarians made us all hide in a corner while the tornado warning was on. Karen was also able to find shelter in time. She met up with us at the library fine after a little bit. It's still thundering and raining loudly right now!

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Glad you four are all together again. I have been on a worlwind tour of the country for the past two weeks, myself. Left Prosser for Payette, ID on July 30th, only to return because someone through a large piece of basalt through the rear window of the car Brian drives. As I am the registered owner, I have to make the complaint (oh, please, but later the Prosser Police Department redeems itself).

Made it to Payette just after 1 pm, and met with the realtors, title people and the attorney so we could set up the closings for both of GB's properties for August 10. I did see a sign about bikini bullriding that really piqued my coureosity. I'm not from the west originally, but have been here long enogh to know the usual rodeo events. (Who wears the bikini? Is it like putting panty hose on goats in the kids' entries?? Then I found out its on a mechanical bull in a bar. Apparently male high school students in Payette can't wait till they too can go to Joe's Bar to see this event. I was told that I probably was not the clientelle in mind for this event.)

Then, leaving the attorney's at 7 pm, off towards St. Louis I go. No rooms in Twin Falls or Burley, ID, so I roll out my stuff in the back of my van, where all the seats were out in anticipation of bring cabinets and doors back for my house.

Down through Salt Lake, I decide to cross the Wasatch Mountains up through American Fork. Great back road, complete with caves, springs and a jeep trail I thought was the road I wanted. My frontwheel drive van does a pretty good job off-roading, but it is longer to turn around in a tight spot (drop offs on both sides) than a 4-wheeler would be. Finally found the 'right' dirt road, and it was great for a passenger car, just no guard rails! I really like the Wasatch Mountains, and thought the town of Heber City would be just the perfect place (except it is way too far from the ocean for me), a great town. Saw sand hill cranes flying/ running accross the road in front of me. Saw old time train engines and depot, and a sign for Princess Camp. I know alot of young girls who would go to that, but I thought princesses probably wouldn't be camping.

Drove through eastern Utah and western Colorado on US 40. Really great scenery with lots of oil wells and other geological features. Apparently Mommie Welling was through here not to long ago for her geology class. The town of Vernal has large and colorful dinosaurs along the strip; maybe trying a little too hard (pink, or with a western bandana and a cowboy hat). I got into Dinosaur, CO and purchased the most expensive gas on the trip. I was miffed. Couldn't I just go out and tap one of those wells? They were everywhere. I found the last room in a small town hotel for the night (smoking) but I was tired and I wanted a shower. I knew I had to be in St. Louis by Thursday noon for a meeting with more attorneys for some of GB's stuff. So, I drove down to Rifle, CO on I70, along the Colorado River (had water in it here). The freeway through Glenwood Canyon is much improved from a couple of decades ago. There were people rafting the canyon, and a bike path that goes through Glenwood, up to Vail and all the ski areas and comes down into Colorado Springs. Many of the winter resorts are extending their seasons by encouraging cyclists. Stunning Rocky Mountain scenery. I stopped in Georgetown, CO to watch the restored narrow gauge steam engine wind its way up to Silver City. I also stopped at Buffalo Bill Cody's grave on Lookout Mountain where you could see out accross the plains of eastern CO, and to the Coors Brewery in Golden, CO (great information about the mesas and geology of the area). Getting through Denver traffic wasn't too exciting, but I wouldn't want to have to do that every day, maybe two times.

In the town of Limon, Uncle Ralph told me about a great Chinese food restaurant from his drives through. I found it just after the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapplois. There was a large screen TV right in front of me. I talked to a couple of long haul drivers, whose wives called to make sure they 1. weren't on the bridge and 2. make sure they weren't going that way. Excellent tofu and mixed vegetables, and I got food to go that mostly made it to Ralph's in St. Louis.

Gotta go right now to get to a dealership to talk to a sales person. I'll continue with travels and meeting in Wisconsin later! I hope you are out off the afternoon rain shower area...

Love, Auntie Anne

Posted by Auntie Anne @ 08/12/2007 03:03 PM CST

Tell Seager that I captioned his RAGBRAI photos in style.

Also, his lightning pictures were pretty!

Posted by Kendar @ 08/10/2007 09:02 PM CST

look in my section of the gallery for pictures of the lightning!

Posted by Seager @ 08/09/2007 02:57 PM CST

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