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Thursday, July 28, 2005
July 25 on RAGBRAI! (copied from an elll jay somewhere)

Sheldon was pretty cool, up until midnight. Johnny and I had cooked dinner for almost everyone on the team for a very small expense and were really pleased with everyone's satisfaction. I went to bed very early, at seven or so, and the rest of the team went into the hubbub and put on a show. They came back and went to bed a few hours later, just before the first leg of the storm hit. I grew up in the area, just thirty miles north, and I've never seen anything like it. Fortunately, we were staying at Ryan Jennings' (brother of original RoadShow-er Paul Jennings)home, so we had a good shelter to go to, but the main campground must have been muddy, drunken chaos. Our tents were falling in on us and everything was blowing away, so we made a mad barefooted dash to the house. As I entered the garage, my foot slipped on the smooth and wet cement and went right out from under me. I landed hard on my elbow, which is now very nicely swollen. Nothing is broken, but apparently the fluid sack, along with the rest of the joint, was bruised. All that extra flesh is kind of fun to play with, but it hurts. This typing is kind of aggravating it, since I already typed an entry before this one. Nobody else on our team got hurt, though, which is very lucky. One of our riders had an ear infection to begin with, however, and the rain was really, really not good for it.

So much stuff was lost or damaged. Our sleeping bag was sitting in two inches of water inside our tent when we found it this morning. Pookie had released the poles last night, so our tent wasn't broken in any way, but several tents had collapsed in on themselves with broken poles and torn rain flies. Flys? I dunno. (We hung everything up when we got here, Estherville, but as I look out the library window here, I realize that rain is pouring down again. Great.)

Overall, we fared very well. Several support vehicles suffered broken windows, an RV tipped over, people lost very valuable things, and one twenty-seven year-old man was killed when a tree fell on his tent.

This is very sobering.

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Thursday in Cresco!

So it's Thursday, which is way too close to Saturday...but Boo and I have another vacation out West coming up next week.

I miss my girls. Michi, C' poor, lonely darlings! Please don't pee on my bed.

My arm still hurts. I went to the first aid station today, which sent me to the ER. They did X-rays and everything looks fine, if rather colorful. The hurting got a lot worse today, and the theory is that the swelling is pressing on the ulnar(?) nerve, which is causing the forearm and hand pain. I asked for a sling, which they gave me, because otherwise I keep using the the arm (it's my right one, stupid thing) and hurting myself. Like...using the stake hammer was a really bad idea.

We're in Cresco now. It's pretty well organized, if a bit, erm, controlling. I find it rather amusing that they expect beer to be open only inside the beverage garden. Obviously, the organizers here have never been on RAGBRAI.

Happy anniversary, Dannye and Aaron! In 1997, I was on the verge of starting 9th grade. Heh.

I'm going to cut this short, as my arm hurts. G'byeeee, everyone! Whee!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005
First day and The Drive Down. (tm)

Sup folks, I'm going to organize my post in days, so here you go!:

Day 0 - Ames to Le Mars

We packed up the TRS bus and headed out of town about 9 am. We needed to get to Akron (20 miles past Le Mars) to do a show for a library by 3am. We got there with an hour to spare, which was just enough time to practice and figure out what to do. The show went really well.

The heat that day was easilly 100+ degress with a heat index of "shut the hell up." Amazingly, the bus made it the entire way past Le Mars and back without incident. However, it was a real hot ride with AC and about 10-20 minute after parking there was a loud *BANG* and steam flying out from under the bus because we blew a radiator hose coupling. A couple hours and few dollars later the problem was fixed (better radiator cap the vents pressure) and it was ready to go again.

We didn't do a show in the town that night because we were all exhausted and thought the town would be dead. It wasn't. It also had a very disjointed fireworks display.

Riding with the team this year is Johnny, Kay-Marie, and Qehndrah as support, and Myself, Mark, Mike, Garrett, Cade, Karl, Josh (from original roadshowusa), Amy, Andrew, Will, and Kai. Kai is doing it on unicycle with Ryan, who seems to not be camping with us.

Day 1 - Le Mars to Sheldon

This day was HOTT and with kinda wierd wind. Started as a tail but did not stay that way. Mark and I road with Cade, Garret, Mike, and Karl out of town but soon got seperated. We later met back up with Karl and Garret for pancakes in the half way town.

We ran into Chris Kolhaas (of original roadshowusa fame) vending Gelatos, a greek(?) ice cream thingy. Tomorrow we will juggle with him.

Tonight we are camping at the house of Paul Jenning's brother (Bruce? Ryan?). Paul is also of original roadshowusa fame. I think Jesse and Dan of gravity works may be visiting us tonight as well. If so, it will be a huge roadshowusa reunion.

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