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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Port Allegany to Wellsboro

After Seager's update yesterday, he left the library and biked down an amazing hill for five miles and then downhill some more for five more miles. The ride from Mt. Jewett to Smethport was amazing and fast and beautiful. The ride from Smethport to our overnight town, Port Allegany, was amazing and slow and beautiful. The entire ten-ish miles where straight up and straight down, the kind of hills that you look up and beyond the summit only see clouds. Despite my troublesome shifting, I quite enjoyed the hills since my new cassette gives me a lower granny gear.
MinWah got into Port Allegany before me and Seager, and secured a backyard for us to crash in through connections at the Dollar General store. Jim and Morisa had a wonderful, big back yard. They and their neighbors where very gracious and provided us with lots of fresh garden vegetables and other goodies to supplement our ramen noodle dinner.
This morning was very misty and dreary, but Morisa helped make waking up easier by cooking us breakfast and bringing out a pot of tea. There is nothing like a hot drink on a cold morning! We groggily packed up our gear and rolled out of town. After about half an hour I started wondering where Seager was, since he hadn't passed me like he usually does. MinWah and I stopped to wait for him about 20 miles out, and when he rolled up he explained that he had gotten yet another flat, and his brakes had been rubbing. I thought he was probably just making excuses, since the real reason he was so slow is that today he reached the halfway point to 54 years, and he is just too old to deal with this lifestyle anymore. Nothing else of real note happened until after lunch, when we had decided to meet at the "Pennsylvania Grand Canyon." On the way down a hill, I hit some unidentified metal object that quickly put two holes in my front tire. One of them was on the rim, so while I was patching the tire, I decided to replace my rimtape as well. After about a half an hour, a nice lady drove by and said she would tell my friends that I had a flat. By the time I reached MinWah, she had been waiting for what must have been over an hour. Seager, luckily, had gone ahead to Wellsboro and found us a place to stay in the backyard of the Natural Foods Store (where I got more Dr. Bronners soap!). As of right now, MinWah is not yet in town, since she decided to go another route to see the said Grand Canyon. Tonight we will celebrate Seager's birthday with ice cream and brownies and Faygo (PA soda) if we can find it. I hope you are all well.

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Monday, August 13, 2007
Mount Jewel, PA

Folks, I have a long update to do so I'm going to have to be brief since it's in the middle of they day and I have lots of riding to do. Read well, little friends, because there have been some significant changes to our trip:

(I don't have time to proofread this to prepare to be horrified by my typos)

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