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Friday, July 30, 2004
Maquoketa (or something)

I'm in the Iowa Telecom trailer in Maquoketa after sagging another day. Unfortunately my knee started acting up yesterday morning and got worse throughout the day. I probably could have ridden today but I don't have a lot of desire to make it worse than it already is. It was raining anyway. Click read more to hear my perspective on the past few days.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
RAGBRAI: Marshalltown, Iowa

It's Wednesday, day 4 of RAGBRAI and we are in Marshalltown. Today we fought a good 40 miles of stiff south headwinds and gravel roads. It sucked. Other than that all the days so far have been easy.

Performing has been going well, although we have a fair amount of competition. Dean Franz, a very good performer from Cedar Falls has performed here tonight and in Lake Falls last night, so we couldn't make any money there. We did make a little bit of money performing in Fort Dodge, and got a decent crowd reminiscent of the old RoadShow USA days.

Our team is shaping up real nicely and we are beginning to be recognized on the road. Our juggling combined with our random muscianship provided by Johnny on guitar and random girls on ocarinas (mostly Kay-Marie and Qehndrah) and random screaming vocals have earned us some cash. Apparently songs about butt chickens are what the crowd has been thirsting for all these years.

Next year when we can worry less about forming the team and more about focusing our skills I except a more profitable RAGBRAI. However, is should be understood that profit is not our goal, and more performing is it's own award. It's just that profit is such a useful term to use in this discussion when refering to our success.

As some of know we have no bus this year. I bought a bus for a good sum of money that ended up turning into a lawn ornament within 3 hours of me owning it, and now it's rusting and leaking propane down near Moline, Ia. I'm still not sure what will come of that, but for now we are crammed in a large but very cramped van.

The Team Road Show roster for this year, just so I have it recorded somewhere is:

Paul, Mike, Mark, Thew, Samantha, Jaecia (sp?), and me riding, with Qehndrah, Johnny, Kay-Marie, and Iowa as support. James rode the first day, Ariel and her mom will be visiting and riding/driving the next few days, and Jesse and Conan have both visited. Jesse the first day and Conan today.

I'm going to go back out and juggle now. DON'T EAT POOP!

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Monday, July 26, 2004
Fort Dodge

I'm in Fort Dodge right now at the mobile internet/phone system they have set up. Yesterday was officially my worst day of riding ever. I had mechanical problems, health problems, and other problems. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on that, but I didn't ride today. We are camped right next to the high school. There is very little room for tents here, but we bended the rules a little bit and made it work. None of the riders from the team are in yet but it was supposed to be an easy day so they probably will be soon.

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