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07/03/2007 Entry: "Martinsdale to Lavina"

We rode 28 miles from Martinsdale to Harlowton, or as the locals call it "Harlow". We stopped to pick up groceries there and then headed on to Shawmut for lunch. It was pretty flat for most of the way, and the scenery was about the same. We were riding alongside the Musselshell River the whole time, so it was basically farmland, ranchland, and swampiness around the river.

After Shawmut we stopped for a rest at a gas station in Ryegate. Then from Ryegate to Lavina, we started seeing some amazing cliffs. They resembled cliffs you see in canyons, except these were smaller. There were different layers in the rock with different colors.

Finally we got into Lavina, MT after 77 miles. We were allowed to stay in the park there. One of the residents ajacent to the park was the town clerk, Ellen. She walked up to us and offered her place for showers. Ellen also gave us the schedule for Shakespeare in the Parks, which was traveling through Montana, but I don't think we're going to bump into the show. Another family who lived next to the park also let us use their bathroom and their water. The family had 9 kids in it. While we filled up their water bottles, they were watching the Discovery Channel about insects that are attracted to urea. Later in the evening, the guy who waters the park, Junior, paid us a visit. He said he wouldn't turn on the sprinklers tonight since we were there, and so we chatted with him for awhile.

The next morning we bought milk at the gas station, had it with cereal, and were off.

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Hey Minwah-
(this just occurred to me randomly)
do you still floss as meticulously on the road as you do during the year? :)

Take care!

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