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08/21/2007 Entry: "over the river and through the woods"

Since Wellsboro, we biked to the Susquehanna River Valley and followed the river up to New York State. Ahhh, my home state! Unfortunately, we continued to have bike issues before we left Pennsylvania. I got my first flat on the trip and Seager's back wheel was really acting up: it became a free wheel by the afternoon. So Seager hurried along the big highway to get to the bike shop before it closed. Ariel and I took side roads instead, and it was beautiful! Traffic wasn't bad, and the river valley was had foresty trees, calm waters, and small farms.

When we met up again at the bike shop in Waverly,NY, Seager had bought a new wheel, and the bike shop owner let us camp in their lawn. That night, we decided to go to Ithaca, NY instead of our original route. Ariel's friend Erica has been forever wanting to show Ariel how amazing Ithaca is.

The ride into Ithaca was quite nice--not very hilly and only 30ish miles. Ariel got another flat, and Seager and I waited for her at this awesome smoothie place. Finally, we headed up to the Cornell campus. The climb was STEEP STEEP STEEP with traffic and no shoulder :( Then we got a little lost finding Erica's co-op, but in the end, all was well because we got to shower!!

Ithaca was in fact pretty awesome. Erica got off work early. We got lunch at a pita place, then ate under a pretty waterfall/gorge. We wanted to go for a swim, so afterwards Erica took us to another gorge where we spent hours fiddle faddling around the waters. The waterfall was a great massage device. When we got back to the co-op, we hung out there for awhile, chatted with some folks at the co-op. Seager was craving burritos, so we went to the Commons for dinner. Turns out, there was a big festival going on to celebrate the re-opening of some bridge. There was a bluegrass concert going on, and jugglers on the side. Of course, Seager was so happy to see jugglers; he immediately made friends with them. Meanwhile, the rest of us bumped into Erica's friends and did some more chatting. Before the night was over, Erica took the three of us to desserts. Mmm, pie and banana splits.

The next morning, we were off again...heading back to the river valley that we left in Waverly. The first 30 miles weren't so bad. We lunched at a grocery store in Whitney Point. But then after lunch, it was nonstop BIG rolling hills. We'd work really hard to climb the steep hills, but the other side down was just as steep. The washboard of New York--we definitely did not choose the easy way through New York. We ended the day back in the Susquehanna River Valley at the town of Bainbridge.

After much effort trying to look like friendly bicyclists with no place to stay, we got permission to stay at the local park. It was a huge park:lots of open spaces and pavilions. Good thing we were semi-covered under the pavilion, because a storm came through around dinner time. The wind was so strong the rain blew halfway into the pavilion, so we all hid behind Seager's tarp under the benches. Other than that, it was quite a pleasant night, and we slept quite soundly.

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Actually me freewheel was locking up threatening to bind my chain and causing me to almost die. Also, I'd pulversized so many bearings that my hub was loose.

Posted by Seager @ 08/21/2007 03:04 PM CST

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