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07/05/2007 Entry: "Portland!"

Hellloooooo loyal readers and readettes. I am writing from the computer lab at Reed College in Portland. We are staying the backyard of the house of a friend of TRS member Devon. Her name is Stacia and she is awesomesauce. She is the one who got me into this computer lab and currently is clicking away to my left doing something or other - probably up to no good because she has pink hair and that's what pink haired people are often up to.

We are going to have a day or two off in Portland while we wait for MinWah to arrive and get ready to ride. We'll either be staying two or three nights. It's very strange having a day off this early in the ride, but it still is welcome because we are hurting a bit.

And now I go about the task of updating you on our last two days of riding. Click the link for FUN AND ADVENTURES!

Astoria to Elsie (31ish miles)

Our hosts in Astoria treated us to a warm oatmeal breakfast and company so we didn't get out until about 10am or so. Karen came off extra lucky as they donated a yoga mat to her to serve as a sleeping pad since she didn't have one of her own.

Our original plan was to take a short day due to knee issues and sleep in Jewel, but Jewel consisted of only an intersection and an unfinished school. We ended up going another 9ish miles to Elsie, which consisted of a general store and resteraunt/inn. We camped behind the inn which was in the process of being purchased by a family that had just moved out a day earlier from Wisconisin. Crazily, they and Ariel knew a few of the same people.

The weather for the ride that day was amazing and the wind at our backs. It was a bit hilly, but all in all a good day riding. Also, a man in a VW Bus converted into a very long bedded pickup was trying to find Jewel at the same time as us. He asked "Where's Jewel?" at the intersection and we replied "Your in it," to which he exclaimed, much to our delight, "JESUS CRIMENY!" and then did a U-turn and sped off. He put a smile on all our faces for the rest of the day.

Elsie to Portland (51 miles)

We're not all about doing long days yet, as most of us didn't train. However, today's 51 miles seemed to be pretty easy on everyone despite traveling through the coast range mtns. It gives us good hopes that we'll be doing longer days in a week or so.

In the morning we had misty rain to greet us as we climbed the first of to passes to get over the coast range into Portland. As we reached the summit of the first pass it became apparent that we were in a cloud. I could see my breath and it had to have been over 50 degrees out. It was moister than a towlet at a 1st grader's birthday party. However, the wind was at out backs and as the afternoon came the clouds and rain parted. The wind got confused at that point and gave us a good whalloping from every direction, but all in all it was good weather today and the breeze was mostly at out backs. We also had our first really extended downhill, and I enjoyed 35mph+ for a good 5 miles with little or no work. It makes every stroke of the climb worth it.

Then we have the route... Biking into Portland is not an easy thing to do. It's nortorious. However, I'd met a few south bound bikers from Portland a few days ago in Lincoln City and they had given us a route. Ride into Hillsborough and then pay two bucks and hop the Max (train) into Portland. We didn't end up on the same train however, because the doors closed behind me as I boarded leaving Karen and Ariel on the boardwalk waving forelornly, but luckily trams come every 15 minutes or so and the world didn't end.

An hourish ride later we found ourselves near downtown Portland and a short few miles from our home for the next few nights. See y'all in a few days, and check the pictures page for updates.


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Hello All,

Am loving your photos and journal entries. One request for a photo: how about a before and after shot of your thighs? After touring in New Zealand I saw muscle definition I'd never seen before... or since. Am riding with you in spirit. Love, Aunt Laura

Ari and Karen, So glad you saw/met Grandpa Bill before beginning your tour. I'll be sitting in the garden here where I'm housesitting contemplating his passing this afternoon.

On another note, Kendra is all signed up and ready to go for the glass bead making class.

Posted by Aunt Laura @ 06/17/2007 03:53 PM CST

You jerks! out having fun while i'm stuck working. sounds fun, keep up the good ridin'. lemme know if there's anything i can help with/get for you. I'll see you kids on ragbrai. seager: send me a check.

Posted by mark @ 06/14/2007 07:10 PM CST

Just wanted to say we love you! Thanks for updating so much. Love to the rest of the crew too--see you in Cedar Falls!

Posted by Sis @ 06/14/2007 11:08 AM CST




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